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We offer a variety of weekly pool maintenance packages that will suit any customer's needs.

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Service includes vacuuming of the pool, filling chlorine feeder/floater, testing chemical levels, cleaning pool cleaner of debris (if applicable) and inspecting all other pool equipment. We will skim the surface, brush the walls, clean the basket(s), and backwash the filter (sand & DE filter), as needed. 

Separate Spa Maintenance includes cleaning the filters as needed and testing chemical levels. 

Premium Maintenance includes a Chemical Check at the beginning of the week, followed by Weekly Maintenance later in the week. 

Chemical Check is a weekly service that consists of testing the chemical levels. Skimming and brushing of the pool will be done as needed, as well as servicing/maintaining the filter system.

Vacuuming is not included. 

Pool Cleaning
Pool Maintenance: Service
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