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Aerial View of a Swimming Pool


Drain & Clean Pool - We will drain, clean & acid wash the pool to get rid of pesky stains.

Stain Removal - Includes removal of stains and identifing the source to prevent it from reoccuring. 

New Plaster Start-Up - New & replastered pools can be expensive! Our professionals will start your pool and add the proper chemicals needed.  Maintaining proper water chemistry is critical during this process.

Brushing - We also offer a brushing service for newly plastered pools.  Daily visits for 2 weeks will consist of brushing the pool & balancing the chemicals to ensure a smooth finish. 

Power Washing - Dirty Pool Deck? Hire us to come out and power wash it along with the rest of the pool area. 

Vacation Service - Leaving your pool unattended for too long could cause a number of issues, while you are away, we will maintain your pool so there is no down time when you return.

Off Season Maintenance - My Blue Heaven Pool Service will come out up to 4 times during the winter to clean & inspect the cover and to check the water level of the pool.

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